About us

In modern economic conditions, the state sets the task of increasing the share of Russia in international trade and improving the structure of Russian exports, namely the development of its non-primary component. Market conditions are now favorable for the entry of our enterprises into international markets: the low rate of national currency, availability of skilled and inexpensive labor, low cost of electricity, etc. The key factor in the implementation of these tasks is the use of the export potential of the regions.

For this purpose, a federal "Russian Export Center" (REC) has been established in Russia, and regional export support centers are being set up in the regions to target local small and medium-sized producers of goods and services. To date, the infrastructure departments of the REC and regional export support centers operate in many regions and subjects of the Russian Federation, including the Republic of Karelia. However, Karelian exporters have a number of advantages that need to be actively used to realize their export potential: the geographical position – Finland is a neighbor country, the most extended Russian border with the EU, the developed transport and logistics infrastructure.

The objective of the Center is to provide consulting and financial support to Karelian enterprises interested in selling their goods and services to companies from near and far abroad by providing free consultative, intermediary services, financing marketing research, participation of Karelian exporters in exhibitions, educational and business events in Russia and abroad.

The Center's services can be divided into 2 groups: on the one hand, exhibition and congress activities, organization of business missions and receptions of foreign delegations, and on the other - consulting, educational and other services. The Center can support exporters at any stage of their activities: from establishing a legal entity and opening a settlement account for foreign economic activity, to organizing participation in business missions to meet potential business partners abroad.

In particular, consulting services of the Center include consultations (including those involving outside experts):

  • On legal aspects of regulation of foreign trade activities.
  • On the taxation of foreign trade activities.
  • On customs clearance of goods and logistics.
  • On certification and requirements of foreign regulators.
  • On the specifics of work in a particular state.
  • Marketing research of foreign markets.
  • Protection of copyright and intellectual property.

Educational seminars on export activities on different topics.

Promotion of goods and services for export markets:

  • Development and (or) translation of presentation materials into foreign languages.
  • Organization and support of meetings with foreign partners.
  • Creation and (or) translation into foreign languages ​​of Internet sites.
  • Consultations and assistance in organizing advertising support.
  • Work at exhibitions, advertising campaigns, manufacturing promotional materials, including abroad and in foreign languages.

For the greatest effect in promoting Karelian producers to foreign markets, establishing close business contacts, promoting the Republic of Karelia brand abroad, services are provided for organizing the participation of Karelian export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises in international exhibitions and business missions.

This list is far from exhaustive. The Center is ready to provide individual support for selecting business partners, examining export contracts, checking the business reputation of counterparties and many other services. It should be emphasized that most of the services are provided by the Center for free or on attractive co-financing terms.

Following the results of this year, we expect an increase in the number of export contracts concluded by Karelian SMEs with the support of the Center, expanding the geography of exports from the Republic of Karelia and involving more Karelian small and medium-sized enterprises in such a promising sector of the economy as export activity.