Catalog of the export enterprises

The Republic of Karelia is situated in the North-West of Russia. In the South Karelia borders Leningrad and Vologda regions, in the North – Murmansk region and in the East – Archangelsk region. In the North-East Karelia is washed by the White Sea. The Western border of Karelia coincides with the state border of Russia and Finland. The length of the border is 798 km.

Key transportation routes run through Karelian territory connecting industrially developed parts of Russia with the EU and non-freezing port of Murmansk.

The goal of the Export Support Center is to provide Karelian small and middle companies consulting and service support in selling their goods and services to companies from near and far abroad by providing free consultative, intermediary services, financing marketing research, participation of Karelian exporters in exhibitions, educational and business events in Russia and abroad.

We would like to bring to your attention the catalogue of export-oriented SMEs of the Republic of Karelia 2018.
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